Present: Margaret Flack, Lorraine Harris, Phil Norton, David Bagwell, Julian Horspole, Margaret Dunn, Sean Owen, Paul Carr, Jonathan Morley, Ian Smith. Gary Bott, Derek Hick, John Greenway, Peter Brierley, Andy Robb, Dan Pierce.

Apology for absence: Margaret Fowler.


Rev David Bagwell opened the meeting with prayer and a reading from Jeremiah 31. Margaret Flack took the minutes for this meeting.


There was a quorate as members of more than three churches were in attendance.


Approval of Minutes of AGM on 11th January 2017

After amendments to the list of those present at the meeting — Rev. Margaret Fowler was present and Lorraine Harris did send her apologies, Rev David Bagwell signed the minutes as a correct record of the meeting. There were no matters arising.


Review of past year and repeated events in 2018

Christmas Market: It was even better attended than last year. The Community Choir was good. Every church was represented. Sound was still lost under the balcony. It was felt it would be good to have the singing in the round. Rev Dan Pierce was thanked for organising the singing. The Street Pastors had a lot of interest at the Triangle. It was suggested we have another CTB stall at the far end of the High Street.

Civic Service: It was felt the community choir was too large and some of the talks were over-long. The Town Council appreciate the service. Any ideas for a theme for this year’s service should be emailed to Rev Paul Carr. It will be on 4th March at 3pm in the Baptist Church.

Life Expo: This did not take place last year but will be in late March this year.

Good Friday United Service: It is planned to take place in St.Mary’s again although the church is proving costly to maintain with little income. It was suggested that other church ministers apart from the Anglican church could lead the Service.

Wintershall Passion Play: There is to be a live streaming of this — to be shown at Emmanuel and Queens Park at 3pm for 3.15 on Good Friday. Joint publicity to be explored.

Easter Sunrise Service: It was led by David Bagwell, at Mill Meadows and attended by about 20 but not many then went to the breakfast at the Mayflower Hall, which was excellent. It was agreed to try it again this year starting at 6.30am, with Peter Brierley to ask if the URC were again prepared to host the breakfast.

Golf Tournament: This will be on Thursday 26th April at Great Burstead Golf Club. Cost £50, £20 of which goes to Christian Aid. It raised £240 last year.

Soap Box Derby: This was covered by the Street Pastors and would take place again this year on Bank Holiday Monday. Lorraine Harris has further details.

Church Leaders Meetings: These are on the first Wednesday of the month at 12 noon. Action points are sent to CTB representatives.

Easter Pic-n-Mix: There was very positive feedback from last year although some of the sketches were thought to be a bit long. Kenton Church has many other commitments this year so it was decided not to hold it this year.

400th Anniversary of the Mayflower Expedition: After much discussion it was decided to consider further at the church leaders meetings. Andy Robb had contacted the Council about their plans but had heard nothing. It was hoped that SMB might be able to involve the schools.

Charity Table Top Sale: Will be on 17th March at 9.30am in the Mayflower Hall.

Women’s World Day of Prayer: Will be on Friday 2nd March at Great Burstead Church. Time to be confirmed.

St John’s Church: Celebrating 50 years in June. Details to be confirmed.

United services: Will be every other month with a pattern of worship – 20 minutes, sharing of news - 20 minutes and prayer - 20 minutes.

Christmas Lunch: Went very well with 38 guests and 20+ helpers mainly from outside the churches. There was live music and the Methodist church was a great venue. The use of the Baptist church mini bus was very helpful although not all guests appreciated it. Some also said the food was cold.

Everyone who contributed was thanked, especially Rev. Dan Pierce for his organisation. There was a great financial contribution of over £1,000 from the community. It was agreed this would be held by CTB for work with the lonely. Offers of venue and organisation for this Christmas would be welcome.


The constitution

No amendments were proposed. It was confirmed that Ramsden Bellhouse Baptist Church is an associate member.


Appointment of officers of CTB

No nominations were received for a secretary, chair or vice-chair. Lorraine Harris was unanimously re-elected as treasurer and thanked for her devoted service. It was agreed that leadership would be continued by the church leaders' meeting.


Vision and related projects for the coming year

Christmas drama: It was felt that the Christmas market was too busy for a drama but maybe a photo nativity opportunity for families could be considered for the far end of the High Street.

Schools Ministry Billericay: Gary Bott said it was good to welcome Karen Tullett as a key stage 3/4 and Charlotte Dove as a key stage 2 coordinator, both on part time hours. Ruth Strickland returned from maternity leave with a new role as Strategic Growth Coordinator. Maureen Baker is assisting with administrative tasks including Minutes of Trustee meetings. Andy Butt covered for Liz Skudder when on maternity leave. He helped with a school trip and community support at Mayflower. Shirley Gowland is very unwell and will not be back for the foreseeable future. A prayer was said for her recovery.

There was a good end to last term with Amazing Christmas for many junior schools. Christmas lessons were delivered in Mayflower High School and a Places of Interest worship trip supported.

Trustees to meet on 18th January to discuss SMB cover while Shirley is unwell and the overall way forward.

The new term started well and a 'Transforming Lives for God' initiative is being planned for Quilters and Mayflower. There will be coach training in April. The Life Expo is in March. The SMB financial report was presented.

Street Pastors: Phil Norton gave his report. He said very valuable work was being done on behalf of Christians in Billericay. They will celebrate their 5th year in November. Prospective pastors are invited to shadow patrols. It is hoped to launch School Pastors at Billericay School.

Over 20 Response Pastors across Essex are trained to respond to any national emergency such as the Grenfell fire. A trial of Rail Pastors between Shenfield and Colchester is to take place. On Brew Monday, street pastors will give out Samaritan teabags at Billericay station all day. They operate at all CTB events and the John Barron walk. There is some funding from Essex Police from the Proceeds of Crime. It is planned to launch new Street Pastor groups in Rayleigh and Maldon this year.


Task groups for new and existing projects

Lorraine would like a task group for the Soap Box Derby and those interested should contact her. One would be good for the Christmas Market. These will be mentioned at the United Service on 21st January.



Thanks were expressed to the auditor, Elizabeth Rudkins and her son. Lorraine Harris presented her report .The balance was £3,500 at the end of November.

£209 was collected at the last United Service for Chernobyl Children and was sent direct. It was agreed that Rev Margaret Fowler would be an additional signatory and that the second account would be kept for Christmas lunch money.

There was an underspend on last year’s budget so it was agreed that £500 would be donated to St. Mary’s upkeep and a further £500 to Forging Men. £500 will be used for coaches to Life Expo as there will be no Easter or Christmas Dramas.

The contribution from the churches would remain the same except that Great Burstead is classed as a small church and New Life as a large church. The collection at the next united service will be for Open Doors – North Korea. £350 will be sent to Anvil Trust from Christmas Market donations for refreshments.


Any other business

a. Forging Men: It was reported that they meet regularly on a Monday with speakers and fellowship. It is a good opportunity to invite non-Christians. It is hoped to change the venue to the Football Club and have more social events such as Go-Karting and a Comedy Night with Paul Corenzo. About 15-20 men spent a day gardening at Anvil Trust.

c. Pastors at the Football Club: A new initiative to provide a low level listening service. They have been provided with T shirts and coats and a shed for meetings during the week.

d. Community garden at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church, Herongate: Rev David Bagwell asked us to pray about an open meeting to launch this initiative.

e. Other news: Rev Ruth Mitchell of the URC is on sick leave for another month. Julie Swann, the Methodist families worker is leaving after 6 months because of her husband’s relocation. Rev Dan Pierce is leaving on 4th February to set up a new church in Chelmsford. We prayed for all these people.


Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 9th January 2019 at 8pm at United Reformed Church Chapel Street.